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Kristian Alfonso

Hope Alice Williams

On NBC's number one daytime drama, "Days of our Lives," Kristian Alfonso has tackled many acting challenges. Alfonso's portrayal of heroine Hope Williams Brady on NBC's "Days of our Lives" earned her a Soap Opera Award for Hottest Female Star in 1999. She has been nominated for numerous awards over the years.

Alfonso grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts. As a teenager, she was an above-average student whose extra-curricular activities were divided between rigorous ice skating and dance classes. Alfonso won the gold medal in figure skating at the Junior Olympics when she was only 13-years old. The combination of innate athletic ability and a fierce competitive spirit made Kristian a natural to compete in the Olympics, but an unfortunate sledding accident ended both her skating and dancing careers. That tragedy quickly turned into an opportunity for Alfonso when Wilhelmina, the world-famous modeling agency, persuaded her to enter the glamorous world of cover girls.

By the age of 15 Alfonso had graced the covers of 30 international magazines including Vogue and Bazaar. NBC casting director Vicki Rosenberg saw Alfonso's picture in a magazine and cast her opposite Rock Hudson in the movie-of-the-week "Starmaker." In 1984, Kristian joined the cast of "Days of our Lives" and created one of television's most beloved heroines, Hope Williams.

Alfonso starred for two years as 'Pilar Ortega' on CBS-TV's nighttime drama, "Falcon Crest." In addition to her busy schedule, Alfonso hosted "Love Stories," a half-hour syndicated reality show which focused on relationships in the '90s. She also starred opposite Dolph Lundgren in the feature film "Joshua Tree." Alfonso co-starred with Kate Jackson in the CBS movie of the week "Whatever Happened to Bobby Earl," portraying, against type, an evil manipulative woman. Alfonso starred with Shannon Doherty and Judd Nelson in the USA Cable Channel's suspense thriller "Blindfold." One of Kristian's favorite roles was as the cunning Hollywood madam, 'Lauren Etheridge,' on the immensely popular "Melrose Place" produced by Aaron Spelling.

Alfonso currently makes her home in Los Angeles with her husband and their sons, Gino, Spartan and Jack. Her birthday is September 5.

Hope was born to Addie and Doug Williams. When her mother Addie died in a car accident, Doug married Hope's half-sister, Julie.

After attending boarding school, Hope returned to Salem as a mature woman. Larry Welch began courting her, but blue-collar rebel Bo Brady stole Hope's heart. The two would eventually marry and had a son, Shawn-Douglas, named for the man who raised Bo, Shawn Brady.

Hope was almost killed in a cave explosion. Presuming Hope was dead, Bo went on with his life and took up with Billy Reed. But Hope was very much alive and suffering from amnesia. Under Stefano's spell, she assumed the identity of Princess Gina. Later, Stefano transformed Gina back into Hope.

Bo and Hope got back together and had another son. What they didn't know was that the baby belonged to Marlo, the niece of Stefano's henchman Rolf. Stefano had the babies switched. Abe and Lexie adopted Marlo's son, who, in reality was Bo and Hope's. Eventually the truth was revealed, and Abe had to give Bo and Hope their biological son, whom they named Zack. The son they were raising was given to his biological father.

When Bo discovered that Chelsea, his long-lost daughter with Billie, was alive, Hope tried her best to accept the teenager into the family. But Hope was dealt a devastating blow when her youngest son Zack wondered into traffic and was struck and killed by a car driven by Chelsea. When Billie confessed to being the driver, Hope lashed out. When the truth came out that Chelsea was the driver and Bo knew the truth the whole time, Hope walked out on their marriage.

At this time Hope learned she was expecting a baby, but she was unsure of the identity of the father. Was it Bo or Patrick Lockhart? When paternity tests proved it was Patrick, Bo was devastated. Later, it was revealed that Patrick changed the paternity test results and Bo was in fact the father. Hope gave birth to a healthy girl that she and Bo named Ciara Alice Brady. At this time, Hope was also working on a relationship with Chelsea. Their bond grew tighter when Bo was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Chelsea was the perfect donor to save her father's life.

When Ciara was kidnapped, Bo chose to go after the kidnappers instead of paying the ransom. When Ciara was rescued, Hope couldn't let go of the fact that Bo put his daughter's life at risk, so she and Ciara moved out the house. Bo and Hope's marriage became more strained when Bo's ex-lover Carly Manning returned to Salem in need of his help. Hope began taking sleeping pills to get through the night. What she didn't know was that she was taking on another personality under the influence of the medication and mugging Salem's men down at the dock. Hope was later convicted of her crimes, including an attack on Bo, and sentenced to prison. Bo couldn't let the mother of his children go to prison, so the couple escaped, going on the run.

Bo and Hope were reunited once more. Finally at a happy point in their lives, they planned a surprise party for all of Salem unveiling the town square. On Christmas Eve, Bo and Hope found a key hidden in the plaque at the town square. The key was for a safe deposit box, which turned out to be a joint box that Alice had with Stefano. Inside was a marriage certificate for John and Hope. The two had been married in Alamainia, during the time when Stefano had them under mind control.

Bo and Hope told John and Marlena about the marriage certificate. The four traveled to Alamainia to file for the divorce. But, Bo and Marlena were denied entry into Alamainia. Bo turned his attention towards helping Roman and the Salem P.D. On their way to a stakeout, Roman and Bo were viciously attacked. Bo was badly hurt and put into a medically induced coma to help his body heal. Bo was in the coma for weeks, but woke when Hope finally returned from Alamainia to be by his side.