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Kate Mansi

Abigail Deveraux

Kate Mansi joins "Days of our Lives" as Abigail Deveraux, daughter of Jack and Jennifer Deveraux.

Mansi grew up in Southern California as the middle child of a large Italian/Irish family. She trained as a dancer from a very young age winning several scholarships and sponsorships over the years, both in NY and LA. She joined the Pacific Festival Ballet at just 15 years of age where she was proud to be a principal dancer in performances such as "The Nutcracker," "Bambi," "Peter Pan," and the contemporary ballet "Heaven and Hell."

While in high school, Mansi developed an interest in acting, which was nurtured by her drama teacher, Bill Garrett, who cast her in her first theatrical production as the lead in "The Mouse that Roared."

Mansi went on to study film and public relations at Pepperdine University in Malibu. As a sophomore, she placed second in the National Womack Speech competition and in her senior year she traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to volunteer with Orphanage Outreach.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pepperdine, Mansi focused solely on her acting career and appeared on several TV shows including "How I Met Your Mother" and also could be seen in several national commercials and print ads.

In her free time, Mansi enjoys dancing, yoga, horseback riding and being with her beloved pup, Leighla May.