Episodes (9)

The Devil's Dominion

S1 E105/30/14
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When infamous pirate Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, steals a game-changing navigational device, British spy Tom Lowe must work undercover to destroy it - and assassinate its new owner.

The Covenant

S1 E206/06/14
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An old friend tests Blackbeard's resolve after refusing to cooperate in a risky scheme; Kate enlists Lowe to repay a debt.


S1 E406/27/14
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A risky move lands Lowe in Blackbeard's confidence - and in a struggle to hide his true allegiance.

The Return

S1 E507/11/14
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Lowe devises a way to report back to his spymaster, only to discover that Jagger may be the true madman.
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