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It's been a year since Jeff Winger left Greendale, and his law business is failing miserably. As the repo team removes the last of his office furniture, his old friend Alan Connor stops by to talk sleazy law. Alan informs Jeff that, due to a bridge collapse upstate, he's planning to sue Greendale Community College.

Jeff defends Greendale as a good place for good people, but Alan just isn't buying it. He tries to convince Jeff to infiltrate Greendale to procure some vital records. Broke, miserable and at the end of his rope, Jeff reluctantly agrees to return to his Alma Mater.

Back at Greendale, Jeff retreads his old stomping ground. After failing to sweet talk the records clerk, Jeff runs into Dean Pelton. Jeff convinces the Dean that he's forming a "Save Greendale" committee, and that he needs classified documents to help clear the school's name. The Dean, always willing to appease Jeff, gives him access to the records.

While he's digging through files, the old gang intercepts Jeff. The Dean informed them about the "Save Greendale" committee, and they're eager to join. They reassemble the old study room and take their seats at the table. It's just like old times, but Jeff is not comfortable with his elaborate deception.

Jeff later discovers that Dean Pelton has already destroyed the documents related to the bridge collapse. Fortunately, Jeff has a back-up plan: he's going to convince the study group to file a class action lawsuit against Greendale to sue the school for ruining their lives. By urging his peers to explain how Greendale led them down the wrong path. The negative feelings result in a group argument, which provides everyone with a valid reason to sue Greendale.

Chang interrupts the meeting to announce that he's been re-hired as a teacher, after being fired for trying to burn down the school, after being hired as a security guard, after being fired for impersonating a teacher.

After signing the group up for a class action lawsuit, Jeff encounters a hologram of Pierce. Hologram Pierce convinces Jeff that Greendale is worth saving after all. Jeff heads to Dean Pelton's office to urge him to get his act together, but the Dean needs help. He offers to hire Jeff as a law professor. Jeff backtracks on the group again, convincing them that they should give Greendale another chance to make their dreams a reality. The Greendale Gang is back!


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COMMUNITY -- "Repilot" Episode 501 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)
COMM 501
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Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 20:00
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Short Synopsis

The Greendale Gang returns to their alma mater to help save the suing it.