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Intro to Teaching

Jeff's ready for his first day as a law professor! Except, he didn't think about the logistics. He's unable to answer questions, leers at female students, and talks trash to Leonard. His dark, dingy office is shared with Mr. Hickey, a bitter professor who laughs at Jeff's beliefs that teaching is a short-term gig. He thought so too...15 years ago.

A two-day crash course entitled "Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad" has Abed chomping at the bit - he's always wanted to know the answer to pop culture's greatest mystery. Jeff's all in, but Annie reminds him he doesn't have time for frivolous classes. He doesn't know the first thing about teaching.

Luckily, Mr. Hickey teaches Jeff the ropes: cut in the lunch line, teach the students about respect via bullying, kick Dean Pelton out of the teachers' lounge. "Planning curriculum" means putting students in groups to grade their own papers. Annie gets wise to Jeff's laziness and enrolls in his "Intro to Law" class. Front row center.

She takes him aside at the end of class to scold his embarrassing performance - she's compiled a stack of law books for him to read up on and he should expect a quiz in the morning. Mr. Hickey suggests ramping up the pressure and giving her the dreaded A minus...

Abed dismisses the teacher's warning about his Nicolas Cage obsession. The apartment is engulfed in an elaborate Nicolas Cage timeline, sticky notes covering everything. He's completely consumed by the actor. Nicolas-Cageified Abed interrupts the classroom discussion by reenacting his famous overacted scenes.

Jeff decides to conquer Annie in his own way. He amazes his students by beating Annie in an argument - no one ever beats Annie! After class, he finds her crying outside, but it's not out of embarrassment. Mr. Hickey had the audacity to give her an A minus!

Jeff's able to guilt Hickey into changing her grade, but Annie accuses him of misusing his connections. With her mind blown by the lack of ethics in the teaching faculty, Annie and the student body trash the school, rioting for slightly higher grades. Jeff attempts to calm the rioters, but he's pelted with food for his efforts.

Hickey apologizes for being a bad teacher, but it's not enough for Jeff - he requires him to take part of the official Save Greendale committee. Revenge is served. Ashamed of his all-consuming Nicolas Cage obsession, Abed packs up the timeline. Shirley comforts him by reminding him that Nicolas Cage isn't Jesus, even though he certainly works in mysterious ways.

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Community -- "Introduction to Teaching" -- Pictured: Danny Pudi as Abed
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Short Synopsis

Jeff learns the teaching ropes from Greendale's finest professors.