A Shot Heard Round the World

S4 E811/16/16
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The police force is shaken after one of its own is targeted by a cop killer; Voight and team put everything on hold to identify the perpetrator from a long list of suspects and stop his violent rampage.


S4 E711/16/16
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The State Attorney's office calls upon the Intelligence Unit after the only witness in a serial rape case is murdered; Peter Stone offers Antonio a surprising - and tempting - opportunity.

Some Friend

S4 E611/09/16
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When a baseball player is the main suspect in a young girl's murder, Voight and team dig for the truth - and Olinsky, who has a history with the athlete, may be their secret weapon. Meanwhile, Lindsay receives flowers from an unknown party.

A War Zone

S4 E510/27/16
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When an epidemic of heroin overdoses sweeps the city, Voight and team must trace the operation back to its leader; meanwhile, Mouse fights for the opportunity to rejoin the military, despite Halstead's attempts to convince him otherwise.

Big Friends Big Enemies

S4 E410/12/16
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After a 16-year-old rapper is shot at his own concert, P.D. tracks social media in the hopes of preventing an all-out gang war; meanwhile, Atwater worries that his younger brother is at risk of being affected by gang violence.

All Cylinders Firing

S4 E310/05/16
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After Platt is brutally attacked by a mysterious assailant, Voight and the rest of P.D. work around the clock to find the culprit and uncover the motive behind the vicious assault.
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