Lift Each Other

S5 E711/29/16
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Antonio brings Brett to a much-awaited Dawson family gathering; the firehouse becomes concerned over the well-being of Boden's stepson, James; Herrmann volunteers Otis and Kidd for a charity competition event.

That Day

S5 E611/22/16
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Casey and Severide continue to clash over a potential arson case; meanwhile, Dawson has a startling incident that gets her in hot water, and the mysteries of Boden's past intrigue the firehouse. Brian Baumgartner guest stars.

I Held Her Hand

S5 E511/15/16
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After responding to a deadly fire, Casey and Severide come to blows over the circumstances behind the incident; Herrmann and others launch a campaign to identify a persistent tagger who's been vandalizing the firehouse.

Nobody Else Is Dying Today

S5 E411/01/16
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While conducting a routine inspection at a chemical facility, Casey finds himself face-to-face with an emergency situation that puts his skills to the test; Brett and Mouch meet with a publisher.

Scorched Earth

S5 E310/26/16
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Facing political pressure from another alderman, Casey will stop at nothing to keep his family intact; meanwhile, spurred on by a social media celebrity, Severide considers taking a break from Firehouse 51 to pursue a different lifestyle.

A Real Wake-Up Call

S5 E210/18/16
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Severide disagrees with Kidd's methods in handling her dangerous ex; Borrelli becomes a liability for the firehouse, forcing Boden to make difficult leadership decisions; and Casey and Dawson must fight to maintain their family.
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