Season finale! Little Otter and Ridgefield face off in the annual inter-camp Olympics.

While the CITs enjoy a camp ritual, Robbie has a wild day off.

Mack's father starts a prank war with Camp Ridgefield; Kip lays it on the line for Marina.

Heartbreak hits Camp Little Otter hard when Raffi and Todd decide to get married.

The CITs' parents descend, bringing a whole lotta drama to Camp Little Otter.

As temps climb sky-high, life around Camp Little Otter heats up big time!

Little Otter hosts the annual mixer with Camp Ridgefield - hijinks ensue!

Mack's ex returns to Little Otter, wreaking havoc during an epic game of Capture the Flag.

Mack Granger struggles to keep Little Otter Family Camp afloat as her campers arrive for another unforgettable summer.