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David "Cole" Coleman

Nikolai Nikolaeff plays Cole on NBC's new summer dramedy "Camp."

Nikolaeff began his career in award-winning television productions that include Buena Vista's "Crash Zone," "High Flyers" and the immensely popular "Round the Twist." He has also appeared on several Australian dramas, including "Blue Heelers," "Stingers," "Canal Road" and the epic 2011 HBO miniseries "The Pacific," which was executive produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg and aired worldwide.

Nikolaeff went on to costar in the U.S. television series "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" in New Zealand. He returned to Australia to work on the TV movie "Valentine's Day," and starred in three seasons of "Sea Patrol."

In 2010, Nikolaeff played the supporting role of Vlad, opposite Isabel Lucas and Josh Lawson, in the feature film "The Wedding Party," which opened the Melbourne International Film Festival. He also starred as Sasha in the short film "Deeper Than Yesterday," which won multiple awards at film festivals around the globe, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival.

Most recently, he guest starred in FremantleMedia's new television series "Mr. and Mrs. Murder" and was the lead in this year's Tropfest finalist short film "The Hustle."