About the Show

This summer NBC is offering up a rowdy family vacation with its new one-hour dramedy "Camp."

Off the grid and miles from civilization, Little Otter Family Camp has summer fun for everyone. Parents decompress over gin and tonics while their kids run wild, and teenage counselors fall in and out of love.

Mackenzie Granger (Rachel Griffiths, "Six Feet Under," "Muriel's Wedding") is the camp owner and director. Still reeling from her recent divorce, Mackenzie is ready for a fresh start. She is running things on her own for the first time and scrambling to keep the cash-strapped Little Otter from going under. She considers a buyout offer from Roger Shepard (Rodger Corser, "Underbelly"), the arrogant but sexy owner of the upscale camp across the lake. Despite her better judgment, their love-hate relationship quickly escalates. Meanwhile, she begins to realize that her charming but much younger handyman, Cole (Nikolai Nikolaeff, "Sea Patrol"), might be interested in more than just a professional relationship.

In the midst of all this, Mackenzie is struggling to be a single parent to her son Buzz (Charles Grounds), a counselor-in-training at Little Otter this year. A brash, exuberant oddball, Buzz commits himself to losing his virginity by the end of the summer. He makes fast friends with Kip Wampler (Thom Green, "Dance Academy"), a more reserved fellow CIT who is hiding a secret. Kip has fallen hard for Marina Barker (Lily Sullivan, "Mental"), a gorgeous, misunderstood CIT who has come to camp to reinvent herself.

Senior counselors Robbie Matthews (Tim Pocock, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine") and Sarah Brennen (Dena Kaplan, "Dance Academy") met as youngsters at Little Otter and have fallen in love over the years. The two pick up every summer where they left off, but when the sexy, older writer of Sarah's favorite book moves in across the lake, their relationship suddenly gets a lot more complicated.

Summer is short and sweet. It's a magical time where we cut loose, get lucky and make the memories we keep with us for the rest of our lives.

Liz Heldens ("Friday Night Lights") and Peter Elkoff ("Deception") are the creators of "Camp." They serve as executive producers with Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Eugene Stein.

"Camp" is produced by Selfish Mermaid, BermanBraun and Matchbox Pictures in association with NBCUniversal International Television Production.

Cast Bios

Rachel Griffiths
Rodger Corser
Thom Green
Charles Grounds
Dena Kaplan
Nikolai Nikolaeff
Tim Pocock
Lily Sullivan


Executive Producer

Liz Heldens, Peter Elkoff, Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun, Eugene Stein


Liz Heldens, Peter Elkoff


Kate Woods (pilot)


Jenna Glazier

Consulting Producer

Consulting Producers


Joe Lawson, Jessica Goldberg


Dennis Saldua, Hayley Tyler

Line Producer

Brett Popplewell

Casting Director

Christine King

Production Designer

Steven Jones-Evans

Director of Photography

John Stokes (pilot), Henry Pierce


Henry Dangar (pilot), Marcus D'Arcy, Andrew Macneil, Deb Peart, Andrew Doerfer (pilot), Josh Beal, Scott Gamzon

Music Supervisor

Tricia Halloran



Produced By

Selfish Mermaid, BermanBraun, Matchbox Pictures, in association with NBCUniversal International Television Production