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Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd I Did Live

S2 E1603/22/17
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Nas' inside source reaches out to the team with vital intel about Shepherd - but can he be trusted? Meanwhile, Patterson begins to unravel the mystery of why Sandstorm is always one step ahead, and a random drug test sends Reade into a panic.

Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward

S2 E1502/22/17
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The team splits up into pairs, hoping to find the connection between three tattoos and a dark web courier known for illicit dealings; Weller takes Roman out into the field; Nas gets a promising lead.

Borrow or Rob

S2 E1402/15/17
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A tattoo investigation leads the team to Rich Dotcom, who's forced to help them crash a party held by his college's secret society; Roman and Jane visit their childhood home; Reade continues to see Niki. Ennis Esmer guest stars.

Name Not One Man

S2 E1302/08/17
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Weller begins to unravel the mystery of Shepherd's complicated role in his past, which started during his military school days; Patterson uses an ethically questionable surveillance program; Reade continues along a self-destructive path.

Devil Never Even Lived

S2 E1201/18/17
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Jane and Roman enter a risky weapons deal with a biker gang, in the hopes of ambushing Sandstorm and capturing Shepherd - but can Roman stick to the plan? Meanwhile, Patterson and Reade deal with personal demons.

Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord

S2 E1101/11/17
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When the team learns that the CIA deputy director who tortured Jane has made a risky deal with a terrorist leader, they must collaborate with him to prevent a national security threat; a criminal profiler studies Roman..
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