Pranks include clairvoyant cart, viewer pranks, train station proposition, asleep at the wheel, too-smart phone, coffee calamity, dance instructor, B.O. warning, tray thief, sweet caboose and pranks submitted by viewers.

Pranks include mistaken identity, smoking nun, bitter surfer, rude traveler, Nigerian price, supermarket safety check, truth-telling ticket-taker, statue peeper and theater feast.

Pranks include senior raves, Betty's workout, scorpion potion, texting revenge, Hawaiian wishes and Betty's fortunes.

Pranks include sperm solicitation, park proposition, wife-watcher, senior rhymes and Betty's game night.

Nick Cannon joins Betty and her mischievous friends for pranks including a nun seeking a boob job, train station seduction, a kooky concierge and a nude model.

Howie Mandel joins Betty and her pranksters for a new bag of tricks.

Pranks include leaf-blower backlash, fallen nun, reality stars, free urology, speeding walkers, party at Costco, long lost dad and jealous housewives.

Pranks include spilling suitcase, instant boyfriend, produce squabble, wayward ashes, doped doggies, kissing contest, and Betty's fight club.

Nicole Richie joins Betty to see pranks including mooning seniors, train station miscommunication, tasteful dress, motorized joyride, party proposition and Betty's strip poker.

Bob Harper guest stars; pranks include a dancing nun, forbidden music, bikini top thief, IKEA overload, pop quiz, sex change reunion, threesome proposition, confused widower.

Pranks include a deathbed confession, fun with Nick Lachey, a pooped sex slave, height requirements, a pole-dancing senior, a fit proposition, twister pervvy priest, an old gangster grandpa, a gassy geezer and thirsty nuns.

Pranks include a wheelchair thief, pranking Betty, free medicine, bed shopping, swimsuit fishing, senior crush and a celebrity dog show.

Pranks include hot dogs for sale, audacious audition, cell phone etiquette breach, down with smiles, mistaken hugs, and hot hotel key.

Pranks include new identity, old schoolmates, identity theft, whiskey samples, fart patrol and geezers go Gangnam.