An attack puts Bo's life on the line, causing her to experience vivid hallucinations while Winter and the crew struggle to save her life.

The End of the Line

Tate uses his newfound freedom to seek vengeance on the double-crossers who sent him to death row.


Bo faces off against Skouras' weaponized telepath to defend an intrepid reporter who attempts to expose the top secret Orchestra Project.

A Show of Strength

Skouras' questionable experimentation methods lead his other researchers to doubt his intentions, but improvements in his other telepathic subjects bring him one step closer to defeating Winter.


As Bo and Tate evade Skouras' agents through the streets of New York City, Winter relives the memories of Bo's mother, Nina.


Tate and Bo head toward Philadelphia to reconnect with Winter, but Skouras puts out an Amber Alert for Bo, launching a full-fledged manhunt for Tate.

The Power Within

A death row inmate is offered a chance at freedom if he agrees to protect Bo, an extraordinarily gifted girl with the power to change the world.