Episodes (12)

Second Chance

S1 E1206/15/14
Bo faces off against Danni, Skouras' rogue telepath, who is hell-bent on tearing Orchestra to pieces and destroying Bo once and for all.
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S1 E1106/01/14
Against Winter's wishes, Bo and Tate meet face-to-face with Skouras, who gives Bo a shocking new piece of information.
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S1 E1005/25/14
Bo's intuition leads her to a subway station where she and Tate uncover a bombing plot, only to find themselves trapped in the rubble with their sworn enemy, Agent Ferrell.
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S1 E905/04/14
While Bo and Tate attempt to stop a devastating car accident, Skouras brings a promising young telepath into his operation.
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S1 E804/27/14
Winter and Channing infiltrate the Orchestra Project to sabotage its telekinesis tracking equipment.
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Bang and Blame

S1 E704/20/14
When Bo's life is threatened, Winter and his crew must resort to desperate measures.
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