A death row inmate is offered a chance at freedom if he agrees to protect Bo, an extraordinarily gifted girl with the power to change the world.

Series Premiere

Season 1
Episode 101
Air Date 03/10/14

An adorable young girl, Bo, enjoys a peaceful car ride with her parents, softly humming a song she heard in a dream. Suddenly, another driver runs the car off the road, causing a hellacious car accident. Bo's mother manages to squirm from the wreckage and pull her daughter to safety, but the other driver, an assassin, kills both of Bo's parents. The assassin searches for Bo, but she's nowhere to be found.

Later, a priest visits a death row inmate in a national security prison. The prisoner, Tate, is weathered and jaded after years of confinement, but the priest reveals a secret: he's not a real priest, and he's here to orchestrate an elaborate prison break to free Tate moments before his execution. Tate reluctantly agrees to accept the priest's assistance, and the prison break is executed flawlessly.

Afterward, the priest introduces himself. He is Milton Winter, the leader of a shadow organization responsible for protecting individuals with rare and incredible powers. Tate has no way of knowing if Winter's organization is good or evil, but right now he doesn't really have a choice. If he wants to maintain his freedom, he'll have to protect one of Winter's most promising subjects: a little girl named Bo.

Bo wakes up in a hospital EKG machine and shuts the machine down simply by willing it to happen. She's clearly a special girl with extraordinary abilities. In her hospital room, Dr. Terry informs Bo that her parents did not survive the crash. Bo reveals that they've only been her parents for two weeks. She also consoles the doctor on the recent loss of a patient, but how could she have known about that?

Meanwhile, the assassin calls her employer, Roman Skouras, for further instructions. Skouras and Winter are old partners turned mortal enemies. They're both after Bo, and right now neither of them knows the location of the gifted little prodigy. Luckily, Winter is already en route with Tate.

Tate infiltrates the hospital with help from Winter's second in command, Channing. Unfortunately, Skouras's assassin is already on the scene as well. As Tate scrambles through the hospital in search of Bo, a captivating blue butterfly guides him directly to Bo's room. Their first meeting isn't exactly friendly, but when Bo realizes that her life is in immediate danger, she has no choice but to trust her reluctant new guardian.

The assassin tracks down Bo shortly after Tate arrives. Tate manages to fend off the assassin long enough to make a hasty escape from the hospital. Out of time and detached from Winter's crew, Bo and Tate hop on a bus to safety. Channing eventually tracks down the duo and Bo is finally reunited with the only person she knows she can trust, Milton Winter.

In an abandoned warehouse, Winter finally explains the situation to Tate. Bo is a special girl with extraordinary psychic and telekinetic powers, and Tate's job is to protect Bo from his ex-partner, Skouras, and the army of individuals who are (and will be) attempting to kidnap her for use in their own nefarious schemes. Milton assures Tate that the job will be an amazing experience, but Tate is reluctant to agree to the deal. A bag full of money helps to sway his opinion, though.

The reunion is cut short when the assassin crashes through the front door in search of Bo. She ruthlessly dispatches a few guards. During the resulting chaos, Tate attempts to flee the building, but the assassin arrives before anyone can escape. Gun drawn, she searches the room for her next victim. Just before she captures Bo, Winter distracts the assassin and Tate seizes the opportunity to attack.

The battle between Tate and the assassin gives Winter, Channing and Bo a chance to flee, but Tate's chances of victory are slim. At long last, Bo steps in. She lets out a deafening, super-human scream that causes a flock of pigeons to swarm aggressively around the assassin. Nobody can believe what just happened, but there's no time to reflect. While the assassin is fending off the bird attack, Winter's team makes its escape.

Tate and Bo separate from Winter and Channing, who draw the assassin away from Bo. Realizing that Tate has been shot, Bo leads them to her next destination: Dr. Terry's house. Dr. Terry is understandably surprised, but he stitches up Tate's wound. Bo notices that Dr. Terry's father is in a coma, and she reads his mind to inform Dr. Terry that his father is very proud of him, and that he believes in him. It's what Dr. Terry has been longing to hear for years, but how did Bo communicate with his comatose father? Tate has absolutely no idea, and he's equally clueless when Bo informs Dr. Terry that he's going to save someone named Senga who will make many people very happy.

Later, at the hospital, Dr. Terry checks in on Agnes, a recovering surgical patient. In Agnes' room, Dr. Terry catches the reflection of a "Get Well" balloon for Agnes. In the mirror, her name reads "Senga." It seems that Bo was right after all. Elsewhere, when Channing expresses her doubts about Tate's loyalty and asks Winter why he chose Tate as Bo's guardian, Winter reveals that Tate is actually Bo's father. At the same moment, on a bus to Philadelphia, Bo assures Tate that everything is going to be okay. Tate isn't sure why, but he believes her.