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Dee Dee's bath is rudely interrupted by a strange dog! It turns out Chelsea's taken in yet another stray, despite Olivia's insistence that she put an end to her behavior.

Despite the fact that Nikki's as rude as ever, Chelsea surprises Rick by offering to take her shift so Nikki can go to a final fitting for her wedding dress. As Chelsea explains, she'll do ANYTHING to get Nikki good and married and out of the bar forever. But the next day, Nikki reveals that her fiance is having cold feet and the wedding might not be happening at all. Apparently, he's weirded out that Nikki doesn't have any female friends. Desperate to get rid of Nikki, Chelsea offers to bring Dee Dee and Olivia to a dinner with her fiance to prove him wrong.

The dinner goes off without a hitch; Chelsea puts on quite a convincing show for Nikki's fiance, Robert. But she maybe takes things too far, telling Robert that since he's a young doctor he can have virtually any woman he wants. When he sees how poorly Nikki treats her Grandma Tess, this makes him rethink his options.

Later that night, Nikki shows up drunk at the bar. Apparently, her fiance broke it off thanks to Chelsea's advice. Nikki comes on to Rick, looking for a one-night stand, but he takes the moral high ground and passes her off to Chelsea. Chelsea agrees to let Nikki crash at her apartment, but just for one night.

While Dee Dee's thrilled to have another roommate in the apartment, Chelsea and Olivia are less than enthusiastic. Chelsea tries to genuinely help Nikki, explaining that until she has empathy, she's never going to truly have a connection with someone. Nikki has a rare moment of honesty and agrees to at least give it a shot.

The next day, Chelsea vents to her dad about her issues with Nikki. She explains that Nikki's more than she can manage, but her dad tells her she's wrong; Chelsea's great at taking care of people. She really stepped up when her mom was sick and showed what a warm and caring person she can be.

Chelsea's chat with her dad inspires a new plan. The only way Nikki can learn to care about someone is if she's put in a situation that makes her grow as a person. She convinces Nikki to move in with her Grandma Tess. Her grandma needs her help and companionship, and Nikki needs to learn to think about someone other than herself.

In the meantime, Chelsea's found a girl for Rick to take his mind off of Nikki. She's dirty blonde, adorable and... a dog. Rick agrees to take in Chelsea's stray, even if she isn't his ideal mate.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 20:30
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Are You There, Chelsea?



Short Synopsis

When Nikki's fiance gets cold feet, Chelsea and the gang come together to help win him back.