America's Toughest Jobs

About the Show

From creator/executive producer Thom Beers ("Deadliest Catch," "Ice Road Truckers") and executive producers Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun, "America's Toughest Jobs" is a new extreme competition series that will test 13 men and women who venture out of their safe and comfortable careers and are injected into some of the most challenging, dangerous and demanding jobs on earth.

From logging high in the Washington forest to oil drilling on the Texas range, and driving icy roads to extreme fishing - each job requires guts and stamina, and the competitors will have to live up to the same standards as the pros. At the end of each episode, their new boss and co-workers will determine success or failure, and those who don't make the grade will be sent home. Upping the ante, the annual salary of each job will be thrown into the pot until the finale - where one rookie will take home the well-earned cash.

Hosted by Josh Temple (TLC's "Backyard Nation), "America's Toughest Jobs" is created by Thom Beers and produced by Original Productions and BermanBraun. Thom Beers, Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun serve as executive producers.