Flight Crew Jump Rope on season 9 of America's Got Talent.

ABOUT Flight Crew Jump Rope

Flight Crew Jump Rope, based in Boise, Idaho, is a professional jump rope team featuring the greatest jumpers in the world. They mix their own fun, creativity, personality and flare with inspiration from Lord of the Dance, Stomp and Cirque du Soleil. Their vision is to transform jump rope from a sideshow act to the main event - a spectacle of daring acrobatics, rhythmic movements, intense precision and high energy. In addition to creating the next big thing in acrobatic theatre, Flight
Crew Jump Rope is very passionate about spreading jump rope throughout the
world. The team travels across the globe, teaching jump rope skills to
children, teens and adults. Through jump rope, they emphasize the
benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the rewards of determination, persistence and hard work, while always focusing on having fun.