Dom the Bom's Triple Threat

ABOUT Dom the Bom's Triple Threat

Dom the Bom's Triple Threat is a variety act featuring eight-year-old triplets Dominic, Phoenix and Lyric.  Born in Cleveland, Ohio and currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, the siblings have vast and varied hobbies, but love to perform together. Dominic has been practicing magic and card throwing for two years and throws up to 500 cards a day. In his spare time, he loves playing football and cheering on his favorite team, the Cleveland Browns. His dream is to perform with David Copperfield. Phoenix, just like the mythical creature, has a fiery personality. He loves to study math and science and play his favorite video game, Minecraft. Lyric is a sweetheart and loves to sing. She also loves to swim and jump on the backyard trampoline, and she was recently named student of the month at her school.