Aerial Animation on season 9 of America's Got Talent

ABOUT Aerial Animation

Abigail Baird's Aerial Animation act is a contemporary illustration of circus, combining the classic arts of mime, puppetry, acrobatics and silent film with the modern canvas of projection. Encouraged by her family to follow her imagination, Abigail designed her own bachelors of arts degree that focused on puppetry, lighting design and sculpture in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After years of aerial and circus study in Europe, Abigail returned to the U.S. and created the first Aerial Animation with the help of her friend and animator Matthew Melis. Today, Abigail and partner Andy Cook train as circus performers under the instruction of Master Lu Yi. She also teaches circus as the Youth Program Director at Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland, California. Once, she was told by a stranger that as he watched her perform, he forgot he was not a child. For Abigail, this was the greatest compliment.