About a Boy - About a Slopmaster Episode 108

Will bribes his way into a date while Marcus learns a hard lesson about the value of money.

NBC About a Boy Episode 107

Fiona deals herself into Will's poker game, while Marcus goes on his first sleepover. Dax Shepard guest stars.

About a Boy - About a Buble Episode 106

While taking Marcus to the emergency room, Will meets the perfect girl... who challenges him to be a better man. Adrianne Palicki guest stars.

About a Boy Episode 105

When Marcus pushes Will to date Fiona, Will pushes Fiona to date anyone but him.

NBC About A Boy Episode 104

When Marcus verges on complete humiliation in pursuit of a girl, Will steps in.

NBC About A Boy Episode 103

While Andy and Fiona bond over parenthood, Will turns to Marcus for a boys' night out.

When quirky single mom Fiona and her son Marcus move in next door, Will's perfect world is changed forever.