Well, we blew it all up.

The "way things were" as Nick and all of us knew it - is gone.

Nick won. It cost him. It cost him dearly in ways that even he can't understand. Ways that we will explore in Season 5. But Nick defeated the Royals.

He won because he's so good at his job that he's changed the way Grimms work. He wasn't a lone wolf like his Aunt Marie. He didn't run away from his old life to focus on being a warrior like his mom. Instead, he surrounded himself with a network of people that he trusts and loves. He befriended Wesen; he built bridges instead of burning them. He's realized his greater destiny, and it will impact the world.

Now, something's coming. Something big, terrifying and completely unknown. And it's coming to Portland. Nick will be tested. Our favorite Grimm can win a battle, but can he fight a war?

Grimmsters and Grimmlins, we're completely upending Nick's life. It's exciting on every level. We can't wait for you to experience Nick's journey. When our fearless leaders, showrunners David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf, laid out the season's skeleton, the writers' room had a new energy. Like Nick finding his new purpose in Season 5, we saw all new avenues to explore, new Wesen, new secrets, new friends and new enemies all out there just waiting for us to break these stories and find them.

It's a Grimm New World. Thank you for coming along with us.

Grimm - Season 5