After last season's finale, Liz is back and ready to fulfill her dreams of happiness, pregnancy and success. She runs into Jack outside Rockefeller Center where they discuss her hiatus and whether or not she was pregnant. After an awkward exchange with Jack's usual prying into her sex life and an outburst from Liz that there is only one sexual position, the conversation shifts into the new show lineup for NBC, including: "Hunchbacks," "God Cop" and informational hotel programming. Jack then reveals that the president of NBC, Hank Hooper, is retiring. Jack has one last chance to prove that he should be the new president of NBC before it is thrown away to Hank's family.

Jenna storms into a meeting, crying hysterically over her wedding doves' accidental deaths. Liz helps Jenna into her office, but it becomes apparent that Jenna was just fooling everyone to keep themselves on their toes for her wedding. Much to Liz's disappointment, Jenna asks Liz to be her maid of honor. Fearing Jenna's self-centered and overbearing personality, Liz refuses at first, but is quickly persuaded when Jenna displays her extreme hand-crushing strength.

Kenneth enters Tracy's office and is desperate for advice regarding his new living situation with Hazel. Kenneth is worried he is not making her happy. Tracy advises that the woman is always right and will leave if treated otherwise; Kenneth runs off to try not to lose Hazel.

Liz finds Jack creating new outrageous sitcoms and tells him that ridiculous game shows like "Homonym" will not help him save the network. She tries to comfort Jack, relating it to her own fears of her future - her career, her pregnancy, and her reading habits. Jack is not swayed.

Jack and Hazel ask Tracy to a dinner party at their place, but it becomes apparent that Hazel is only asking Tracy so she can land an acting role with his new production company. Despite this, Kenneth is excited for the party and leaves to prepare. Meanwhile, Liz confronts Tracy and asks for advice on how to throw a bachelorette party. It's here that she realizes, with help from a NBC programming commercial for "Cricket Night," that Jack isn't trying to build a winning new lineup, but is instead trying to destroy the network on purpose.

Liz confronts Jack about tanking the network slate, but his denials seem to only confirm her accusations. Finally, Jack confesses. He explains his plan to Liz: by turning NBC into a money-losing network, Hank will have no choice but to sell the company. Jack goes on to explain that when an investor he's lined up will buy the company and keep him in charge, so that he can bring back quality and hope to the network.

Tracy arrives at Kenneth and Hazel's dinner party; the food mostly consists of pills and police-confiscated potato chips. Hazel attempts to seduce Tracy to secure an acting job, but Tracy denies her and threatens to tell Kenneth. Later at the office, while Kenneth is massaging Hazel's feet, Tracy tells him about the seduction attempt. Hazel denies the accusations. Now Kenneth is torn over whom to believe. In typical fashion, Kenneth ultimately chooses to accept both explanations.

Meanwhile, Jenna confronts Liz on the progress of her bachelorette party. Liz sees the opportunity: if she can tank the party, she may get Jenna to fire her as maid of honor. Liz hatches a very boring party indeed, one filled with middle-aged women friends, dull music and a seminar on identity theft awareness. Jenna explodes in rage and Liz seizes the moment. She convinces Jenna to become her own maid of honor - effectively grabbing two spotlights at the same time. It's brilliant.

Liz arrives at Jack's office to make one last attempt to dissuade him from wrecking the network. But it's Jack who prevails, promising Liz that if his plan is a success she will get everything she ever wanted. She's convinced, and the two of them toast the devious plan with a glass of champagne.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 20:00
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30 Rock



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Liz discovers Jack's plan to ruin the network, while Hazel hatches an evil plan of her own and Jenna conscripts Liz into being her maid of honor.