1600 Penn

About the Show

The Gilchrists are just the average American family dealing with all the everyday issues, like a grown kid who's forced to move back home, teenagers who are smarter than their teachers and a stepmom (Jenna Elfman) desperately trying to win over the kids. They're loving, fun and a little crazy. In other words, just like everyone else - with one exception: they live in a very special house. The White House!
Whether it's entertaining foreign dignitaries, holding secret cabinet meetings or putting out fires - figuratively and sometimes literally - there's never a dull moment in the Gilchrist White House. For example, the First Son (Josh Gad, star of the Broadway sensation "The Book of Mormon") is one of the administration's biggest liabilities but also the glue that holds this family together. The President (Bill Pullman) knows too well that the only thing harder than being Head of State is being head of the family.
Also starring are Martha MacIsaac ("Superbad"), Andre Holland ("Friends with Benefits"), Amara Miller ("The Descendants") and Benjamin Stockham ("Sons of Tucson").

"Modern Family" meets "The West Wing" in this election-year comedy from Emmy-winning executive producer/director Jason Winer ("Modern Family"). The executive producers are Winer, Gad and Jon Lovett (former White House speechwriter). Winer also directed the pilot. "1600 Penn" is produced by 20th Century Fox.

Cast Bios

Bill Pullman
Bill Pullman
Jenna Elfman
Jenna Elfman
Josh Gad
Josh Gad
Martha MacIsaac
Martha MacIsaac
Amara Miller
Amara Miller
Benjamin Stockham
Benjamin Stockham
Andre Holland
Andre Holland


Executive Producer

Jason Winer, Josh Gad, Jon Lovett, Mike Royce


Josh Gad, Jon Lovett, Jason Winer


Josh Gad, Jon Lovett, Jason Winer

Produced By

Victor Hsu, 20th Century Fox Television


Jason Winer

Co-Executive Producer

Joe Port, Joe Wiseman

Supervising Producer

Peter A. Knight, Sanjay Shah


Bridget Bedard


Laura Gutin Peterson

Staff Writer

Ryan Raddatz, Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit

Casting Director

Debra Zane, Tannis Vallely

Production Designer

Richard Berg, David DiGiacomo

Director of Photography

David Robert Jones


Ivan Victor, Arge O'Neil

Music Composer

Erica Weis, Orr Rebhun


Los Angeles, California